Coffee with music

We all know how it feels when we practice our music  in mom and dads garage and suddently times go by and it is in the middle of the night. Then we could use some Coffee and that is where we now can show you where to find a Coffee wagon in the middle of the night almost everywhere around the world on the streets.

Musicians Dating

Dating Communities online for Band, musicians and entertainers is not something we have these days. So i choose to start looking for Thai Singles online. Im a big fan of Asian culture so that is why i choose Thai Singles 4U a new really cool Thai Dating site with a cool new slogan that reaches out for the young and more sophisticated people. I  can say that is was really a good experiance and i im sure i will find some good Thai love in there some day.

Musician gone broke

It is no rear thing that musicians and bands are broke most of the time while they are trying to reach the top. Some bands use the option debt counseling services to get a hold of there financial situation. Also some bands need to cheap places to practice and som time the places needs to be renovated and you will need painters and construction workers.

Music and jewelry

What is it with Musicians and jewelry everytime we see the bands and musicians on the red carpet, they have new Men’s Bracelets and Men’s Necklaces and also womens jewlery etc. Where do they get all these cool accessories? I think they get it for free from the brands that produces the jewelry, so that they can get the best exposure ever. I did see that Nialaya had a celebrity collection available on there website.

Website for musicians

It is now possible to have a new and nice website made by Synchronize Media a web company thats makes web and SEO for musicians around the world. You can get a really good price because the owner i a musician himself and wants to get the music business more out on the world wide web.