Los Angeles designed accessories for musicians


My near friend is started to design handcrafted designer accessories, in the heart of California that is Los Angeles ofcourse. Ebbandflowjewelry.com has now a huge selection of unisex necklaces and Bracelets. They make selective stacks that are really cool for both Men and Women. You will get the most unique and raw expression with these cool accessories because to the characteristic details and because of the alternative mix of materials. The Designer Bracelets both men and women love, because of the many different designs and gemstones. They have online shop and a store placed in Los Angeles if any of you readers would like to see more of these rock stars accessories.

Rock star Bracelets and jewelry


Are you looking to find real Rock star bracelets? Nialaya  jewelry is proud to present their new Men’s beaded Bracelets, designed by Jannik Olander himself. Nialaya has a wide selection of diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, crystals and precious metals such as silver, gold, titanium and rhodium. Each jewelery design is collected during Jannik Olander’s travels around the world and Nialaya jewelry is full of energy and canals of vitality. The Eastern influence on the designs and the spirituality behind each piece makes Nialaya Men’s Bracelets unique and personable while bringing good luck in life’s journey to those who believe in unconditional love and Rock and Roll spirit. Jannik Olander is also a part of a new TV show where you can follow he’s everyday life and see how it is to be a celebrity jeweler and have succes by doing it in Hollywood.

Just bought a near friend a new necklace

Just had company from the other side of the world, this weekend over the Easter. My dear friend Jolene was visiting me for the first time in many years. I was very exited and i bought her a fine new Women’s Necklaces online. I got a great offer and thought she would be happy to have something to remind her of me.

Coffee with music

We all know how it feels when we practice our music  in mom and dads garage and suddently times go by and it is in the middle of the night. Then we could use some Coffee and that is where we now can show you where to find a Coffee wagon in the middle of the night almost everywhere around the world on the streets.

Musicians Dating

Dating Communities online for Band, musicians and entertainers is not something we have these days. So i choose to start looking for Thai Love online. Im a big fan of Asian culture so that is why i choose Thai Singles 4U a new really cool Thai Dating site with a cool new slogan that reaches out for the young and more sophisticated people. I  can say that is was really a good experiance and i im sure i will find some good Thai love in there some day! If you would like to give it a try you could stop by http://thailoveseek.com and get your own opinion.