Rock star Bracelets and jewelry


Are you looking to find real Rock star bracelets? Nialaya ¬†jewelry is proud to present their new Men’s beaded Bracelets, designed by Jannik Olander himself. Nialaya has a wide selection of diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, crystals and precious metals such as silver, gold, titanium and rhodium. Each jewelery design is collected during Jannik Olander’s travels around the world and Nialaya jewelry is full of energy and canals of vitality.¬†The Eastern influence on the designs and the spirituality behind each piece makes Nialaya Men’s Bracelets unique and personable while bringing good luck in life’s journey to those who believe in unconditional love and Rock and Roll spirit. Jannik Olander is also a part of a new TV show where you can follow he’s everyday life and see how it is to be a celebrity jeweler and have succes by doing it in Hollywood.